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January is Walk Your Pet Month, so we thought it would be helpful to share some of the benefits your pet experiences from regular walking.

Weight & Joint Health
The most obvious benefit of walking your pet is weight management. Obesity in pets can lead to a number of serious health issues; osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance, just to name a few. Regular walks are an easy way to keep unwanted pounds off and promote healthy weight.

Walking not only maintains your pet’s figure, but it can also build healthy joints. By regularly keeping your pet’s joints in motion, you can improve and prolong their function. Just like we get stiff if we are sedentary for too long, your pet can get the same way.

Digestive & Urinary Health
Routine and regular walking can help to stimulate your pet’s digestive tract. Gut health is paramount to most mammals health, and keeping things moving through the system is as important to your pet as it is to you. By getting your pet on a routine for walks/potty breaks, you are also keeping their urinary health on track. When urine sits in the bladder for too long it can cause bladder infections.

Mental & Emotional Health
Getting your pet outside and allowing them to see and smell new things aides in their mental health. They can be less stressed and more relaxed just from their regular walks. Considering you are the one routinely taking them for their walk, you are giving them more of exactly what they want most…time with YOU! Our pets are people pleasers by nature, and spending that one-on-one time with them feeds that part of their soul. When your pet is happy, their health is impacted in a positive way.

Boredom Leads to Destruction
We have probably all experienced the effects of a bored pet. Just like you build up routine for digestive and urinary health reasons, creating a routine to stave off boredom can benefit your whole household! Getting your pet outside with you and exploring physically and mentally wears them out. When they are happily exhausted, they are less likely to take their boredom out on your new sofa!

In honor of Walk Your Pet Month, get your pet outside! Even a few times a week is beneficial for their health and well being. Think walks are only for dogs…cats can benefit from leashed walks just as much as their canine counterparts. So leash up and get walking!

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