5 Reasons to Give Pets CBD for the Holidays

5 Reasons to Give Pets Hemp for the Holidays

“So, why does my dog/cat need Hemp?”

We get that question often enough that we thought it would be a great time to share they “WHY?” of what we do. And actually, the holiday season is one where we find that pets need hemp the most.

Here are the 5 most common reasons:

  1. Travel Anxiety
    Generally speaking, many of us travel during the holidays…and a lot of us, with our pets. I don’t know about your pets, but my dog cannot relax in the car. She paces the back of the car like a caged lion and just won’t settle. I give her Hemp at the start of each ride, and she lays down and naps the rest of the way. Hemp is great for helping to keep pets calm and relaxed.
  2. Visitor Excitement
    “Why are you on the couch, that’s mine?!” – Dog
    Sound familiar? Does your, generally, mild mannered pooch turn into a jumping bean that just won’t stop sniffing all of your guests in the most inappropriate places? Does it stress them out to not have their normal routine? Hemp can help! Given regularly, it can help to maintain your dog’s normal and relaxed disposition.
  3. Winter Weather
    Cold wet weather can wreak havoc on senior pet’s joints. If you had to go outside and squat in the yard during a snow storm, I bet your hips and knees would suffer too! Hemp is great for enhancing bone and joint health, and maintaining a normal inflammatory response. It may not rewind the clock for your pup, but in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can make getting around a bit easier.
  4. Overall Wellness
    Hemp can help to promote homeostasis. Meaning, it can help the body maintain balance and keep your pet in a healthy state. You know what they say, if the dog is happy, everyone is happy! What do you mean?! Of course they say that…
  5. Keeps Interest Off Unhealthy Foods
    We’ll admit it. This one is just a shameless plug. Although Hemp has been known to stimulate a healthy appetite, our product specifically helps to create interest in whatever you regularly feed your pet. Our toppers and broth, when given during mealtime (on wet, dry or raw food), are sure to keep their attention on the bowl and not on your holiday table!

We hope you have learned something new about Hemp and pets. As always, we recommend discussing any new supplements with your Vet. But, feel free to reach out to us if you have product specific questions. We are happy to help!

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