High Quality, Limited Ingredient Formulations

High Quality, Limited Ingredient Formulations

Here at Heirloom Pets, we believe in giving the best to our pets. We want to support their general wellness while providing them with high quality products. That is why we have developed our Broad Spectrum Hemp pet products using limited ingredients of the highest quality.

Our products are made using only Broad Spectrum Hemp and all natural flavorings. No filler or fluff. We use Organic, Vegan, and sustainably sourced ingredients supplied by our partners right here in the United States.

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Heirloom Ingredient List

Our Pumpkin & Cranberry Mix-In Powder contains only 3 ingredients; Broad Spectrum Hemp and all natural pumpkin and cranberry powders for flavor.

We’ve seen other products on the market with much more extensive ingredient lists. But what is the purpose of those ingredients? Sometimes you are given an explanation, and sometimes not.

Take a look at some of these ingredient lists. Some of these ingredients are helpful supplements, but some of them are just fillers or preservatives.

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Ex. 2

Ex. 3

Our Mix-In Powder is an easy, tasty way to provide your cats and dogs their daily dose of Broad Spectrum Hemp. Each jar is packed full of flavor and the good stuff…and that’s it! You can feel good about what you are giving to your pet and they can feel good as a result of our product.

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