Labeling: What’s ON the bag?

Labeling: What’s ON the bag?

Since the beginning, our brand has been build on a foundation of transparency. We provide our consumers and retail partners with the exact information, which is third-party testing for each and every one of our products.

Heirloom Pet Products is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). We took a lot of time making sure that we created clear, easy to read labels/packaging that followed all of the NASC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. The result is compliant packaging designed to inform and protect.

Many products in the Hemp space have labels that can be misleading, make claims that do not follow regulations, and use naming that is not in line with regulation.

It can be hard to know what you are getting when you see a bottle that reads 1000mg per Bottle on the front label, only to turn it around and see the ingredient panel says 250mg Active. It makes sense for you to wonder; “What am I really paying for?”. Heirloom Pet Products lists only the active amount of Cannabinoids (what you read is what you get) on our packaging.

Did you know products containing Cannabinoids are required to have a scannable QR code that take you to view its Certificate of Analysis(CoA)? This document establishes that a product was analytically tested and meets specifications of safety and quality. Our third party testing can be found right over here >>

We often get the question; what part of the plant do your Cannabinoids come from? At Heirloom Pet Products we only use the Hemp flower… No seeds! No stems! Most products you find on shelves or online do not specify this, although some do say they are made from “hemp seed oil”. Products made from seeds and stems, although sometimes good, do not provide the full benefits of Cannabinoids. It is important to note, hemp seed oil has been completely cleared by the FDA, and is legal to buy or sell pretty much anywhere.

Naming products to follow packaging regulations is a challenge all on its own. To be compliant, your product cannot be named certain things. A few examples of what is not allowed: actual food names like Cheeseburger, associating your product with a food like calling your product a gravy or sauce, and if there is a “food” ingredient added for flavor – it has to be labeled as such (i.e. bacon flavored).

We know our product names are a bit tongue and cheek, but you can see that there is a reason for naming them this way. Heirloom Pet Products is committed to transparency in our product labeling for the safety of our consumers and retail partners. Should you ever have any questions about what you see on our packaging, we are happy to discuss. Click here to reach out to us!

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