Oil Versus Water – The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Oil Versus Water – The Benefits of Water Soluble Hemp Extract (CBD)

We worked in conjunction with Animal Wellness Magazine to write this educational piece on the benefits of Water Soluble CBD versus standard hemp oil.

Standard hemp extract oil and products that include it have been taking the market by storm since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018. Surprisingly, there has been little evolution in the space since then. Although standard hemp oil is great and holds many benefits, we felt there had to be more to it.

We started researching Water Soluble CBD, and quickly learned that there was great potential for innovation!  After all, what do we know about Oil and Water? They don’t mix! How could this simple science have been ignored.

We did a deep dive into how Water Soluble CBD works and the difference between Water Soluble and Oil when realizing the benefits of Hemp.

Click through to read the full article on the benefits of Hemp Extract  – Oil versus Water Soluble.

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