Are Heirloom Pet's products legal?
Yes, all of our products are legal in all 50 states. Under the Farm Bill of 2018, all hemp products and their elements are legal in all 50 states if they contain a THC percentage of 0.3% or below.
Will Heirloom Pet's products get my animal 'high'?
No, our products do not contain THC- the psychoactive part of cannabis. Our products are 100% safe, natural, and non-toxic.
How long does it take your products to take effect?
We use fast acting Water-Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp. It usually starts to take effect within minutes of ingesting. Since the CBD particle is nano sized and we do not use oil as our delivery and suspension mechanism, your pet will see a much faster effects from our products.
How are Heirloom Pet's products better than Tinctures, Oils, or Treats?
All our cat and dog products have rapid bio-availability since we only use full spectrum Water-Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp. We combine great flavors with the hemp extract as a higher quality supplement for your pets…It’s easier than liquid drops and less calorie laden than giving many treats.
What are the side effects of taking Heirloom Pet's products?
There are no side effects to our products unless your pet has any type of allergies to what is listed on the ingredients list. Our Vegan products are all natural, organic, USDA Certified and made with 100% pure hemp. Our other products are sourced from ethical partners and made with 100% pure hemp.
Can I give Heirloom Pet's products along with other medications my pet is currently taking?
Yes, our products are safe while taking other medications and will not interfere with any other medications they are taking. But we always recommend speaking with your Vet before adding something to your pet’s diet.