Jason Lysak
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Lysak is a business executive with more than 16 years of sales and operations experience in Information Technology. He had a track record of driving company growth through collaboration in highly competitive markets around the world, yet felt something was missing.  In conversations with his brother who was passionate about his career in the pet food industry, Jason discovered that his business acumen could find a home nurturing his beloved pets.

Beyond good food for four-legged family members, Jason realized that pet wellness, specifically natural options from Hemp and organic hemp, created an underserved niche. Heirloom Pets was formed to create the best for pets – and that includes not only product quality, but also quality of life.

When it comes to selecting the kind of hemp to use, Jason’s background in technology came in to play.  “If the human body, with a slower and longer digestive system, only absorbs 15% of a standard dose of Hemp oil, and takes more than an hour to begin to take effect, what are the implications for an animal that is a fraction of a human size. There had to be a better way, and water soluble is it.”

Jason is currently welcoming the newest addition to his home – Charli, a bull mastiff puppy and little sister to his rescue BB!

Brandi DeLancey
Chief Marketing Officer

Brandi DeLancey is an animal lover – specifically dogs and in particular her rescues Kaia and Sage. As CMO, Brandi has brought her passion for pets together with her mastery in web design and Internet marketing to Heirloom Pets.

For more than 20 years, Brandi has helped clients of all sizes develop internet marketing strategies that move the needle. Both on her own and as part of an agency, she has built and marketed websites, designed marketing campaigns and developed social media strategies.  Then, one of her long-time friends, with an innovative start-up which was looking to carve out a niche in the rapidly growing pet wellness segment, enticed her to join them on the ground floor.

Brandi was particularly intrigued by the use of high-quality water-soluble hemp. “I believe in the benefits of Hemp for humans and animals alike. I know we are using the best quality, most bioavailable product on the market, and I want to help people’s beloved pets live their best life!”


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