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Do you have trouble giving your dog hemp oils and tinctures? Is it impossible to get your cat to sit still for a dropper? We have had these issues and more with our own pets!

For these reasons, and others, we set to work innovating hemp products that pets and pet parents would like and could easily use!

How to Administer Heirloom Pet Products

Our powdered toppers are finely milled and can be given at mealtime by sprinkling over dry, wet, or raw food. They are meant to use daily as a maintenance hemp product. Our formulas are developed for bone and joint health, calming, and situational anxiety.

With minimal, high quality ingredients, our broth is the perfect addition to your pet’s meal. Pour over dry, wet, or raw food for an added boost of hemp! This “lower dose” product is great for cats and dogs and can be used daily.

Does your dog get anxious on car rides, vet visits, during thunderstorms or fireworks? Our Road Trip Stick™ will set them at ease. These chews are meant as single use sticks. You give one at the onset of a stressful event and in the time is takes fido to chew it up, the water soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp will be well on it’s way to doing its job!

It’s that simple! Where hemp oils and tinctures can create more anxiety and stress due to being harder to administer, our pup approved formulas just get to work.

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