Heirloom Pet Products uses a proprietary Water Soluble Technology (WST) to produce an exceptionally effective Broad Spectrum Hemp formula. Our proprietary process addresses the challenges faced by the nutraceutical, nutricosmetic, and functional foods industries. The WST that we implement results in high bioavailability of functional ingredients, which ultimately means a better, more effective product.

Our nanoemulsions are vastly more bioavailable than conventional hemp oil. By encapsulating the water-insoluble ingredients, we can produce a formulation that is fast-acting, safe, and exceptionally bioavailable. A multitude of studies have shown the bioavailability of orally administered hemp oils to be low [1]. However, when hemp liquid is prepared using a nanoemulsion, oral bioavailability can be improved up to 800% [2].

The science coupled with our high quality limited ingredient mixes equates to a Broad Spectrum Hemp pet product unmatched in form and functionality. Have a look at our full product catalog.

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