When we created Heirloom Pets, like you, it was because we wanted the best for our pets.

We spent several months looking at pet wellness products that used hemp. A few things were abundantly clear: there had to be a better way to deliver the hemp, it had to work faster, and contain purposeful ingredients.

By being one of the only companies to use Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp, we have found a way to improve the absorption of the active ingredient into your pet’s bloodstream – minutes instead of hours.

We also wanted to find a better delivery method. Sure, there are a lot of treats and tinctures on the market. However, we’ve already shown why hemp in an oil form isn’t the best solution. That’s when the idea for our food toppers was born.

We started with our Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp and then added the highest quality ingredients we could find  to create ‘pawsitively’ yummy flavors like peanut butter and banana, bacon and cheddar and chicken and turmeric.  Read our labels (PS you can). Our ingredient lists are simple, non-GMO and fully traceable from seed to shelf.  We have also taken the extra steps to ensure that our labels meet NASC, FDA and USDA guidelines.

The results are unlike anything on the market. Delicious powders that are administered at your pet’s normal mealtime. This ensures consistent dosing of the active ingredient and allows you to regulate how much your pet gets, all while appeasing even the pickiest pallets.

Try a sprinkle on for size. You’ll wonder howl your pet ever did without it!

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