Nobody wants to see their pet trembling.

Help them overcome situational stress with fast-acting calming aids powered by water soluble, broad spectrum hemp.

How are Heirloom Pet Products Different?

We only use organically-grown, water-soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp in our treats (food toppers, bone broths, and long-lasting chews). Our treats are free from THC (and its psychoactive effects) which allows for maximum bioavailability (since our bodies are mostly water to begin with).

Did you Know?

• Dog’s bodies are made up of 80% water.

• Cat’s bodies are made up of 60 to 70% water.

We optimize for rapid bioavailability by working with what their bodies are comprised of most. By delivering water-soluble products, the hidden potential of the cannabinoid can be revealed. With benefits like calming, hip and joint health, allergy support, skin and coat maintenance, and pain relief – your cats and dogs could be feeling brand new.

How do we measure up to other hemp treats?

By utilizing cutting edge technology, we take the average Broad Spectrum Hemp oil particle that is 4,440 nanometers in size and reduce it to 20 – 25 nanometers instead. This process not only allows the versatility of water-solubility and taste, but optimizes the bioavailability to be nearly 100%. It also allows for a homogenous end product that is much more palatable to our cats and dogs. No messy oils! No glass tinctures! No waiting for calm!

Absorption & Bioavailability

When traditional hemp oils are ingested, much of the active ingredient is lost while passing through places like the stomach, intestines and liver. However, the microscopic-size of our nano-cannabinoids bypass these organ barriers by entering directly into the blood stream almost immediately.

Rapid Release & Fast Acting

The uptake of Cannabidiol starts to occur almost immediately upon oral administration. With water-soluble technology, we are able to provide higher potency and faster onset of relief in lower doses. You are looking at active affect for your cats and dogs happening in under 10 minutes with our hemp treats!

“Less is More” & Always Effective

The “less is more” effect promotes faster access to benefits with complete absorption, so you are getting consistent milligram dosing every time. Simply put, our water soluble hemp treats and toppers work the same no matter when you give them to your cats and dogs.

Our Promise to Our Pets & Yours

We stand behind every product that carries our name and every Heirloom Pet Product offers:

✓ Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Grown in the USA

✓ Superior Bioavailability of 90%+ Compared to Only 15% or Less with Oil Based Hemp Products

✓ Fast Acting, Vet-Formulated Recipes with Noticeable Calming Results in 7 to 8 Minutes

✓ The Lowest Price per Milligram Compared to Other Brands

✓ Full Transparency with Third Party Testing & Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for Every Batch