Why Choose Heirloom Pet Products?

Heirloom Pet Products was founded on the premise of something that we all learned at an early age - Oil and Water Don’t Mix! From our experience and research, we found that today’s hemp oils took too long to start working, were very expensive, and produced little results.
    • Our Organic Hemp is Farmed in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington
    • Everything is Made and Sourced in the USA
    • We are proud members of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council)
    • We provide Certificates of Analysis (CoA) to show test results for our hemp potency and the presence, or lack thereof, of microbes, heavy metals and pesticides.


Simply put, bioavailability is how fast a substance be absorbed into the body. Higher bioavailability means faster absorption time.

Food For Thought

There are 2 energy drinks. They each cost $5. One gives you a 90% boost in energy, the other gives you 15%. Which would you buy?

Onset Time

How fast do Heirloom Pet Products start working?

Food For Thought

If you have an anxious pet, how quickly do you want to see results from your Hemp product?

Easy to Understand Packaging

Per Serving Comparison

Comparing a 30 day supply of oil-based Hemp treats to our water soluble hemp food topper. These numbers account for the fact that the Bioavailability (absorption) of hemp Oils is only up to 15% and Water Soluble Hemp is 90%+.
One Month Supply (30 Servings) $15.99 $17.99 $44.99 $19.95 $25.20
Active Milligrams 5MG 1.5MG 5MG 4MG 4MG
Cost Per Milligram $.106 $.399 $.299 $.168 $.21

An Heirloom is Discovered

  • Market's only TRUE Water Soluble pet product.
  • Full Transparency and 3rd Party Testing
  • Fast acting; 7-8 minute onset time.
  • Best value for money!
  • Superior Bioavailability at 90%+!
  • Veterinarian-Developed Recipes

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