How are we different?

We only use organically-grown, water-soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp that is free from THC (psychoactive effects) which allows for maximum bioavailability (since our bodies are mostly water to begin with).

  • Dog’s bodies are made up of 80% water.
  • Cat’s bodies are made up of 60 – 70% water.

We optimize for rapid bioavailability by working with what our bodies are comprised of most. By delivering water-soluble products, the hidden potential of the cannabinoid can be revealed.

How do we measure up?

By utilizing cutting edge technology, we take the average Broad Spectrum Hemp crystal that is 4,440 nanometers in size and reduce it to 20 – 25 nanometers. This process not only allows the versatility of water-solubility and taste, but optimizes the uptake of bioavailability by more than 80%.

Nano-Cannabinoid Benefits

Absorption & Bioavailability

When traditional oils are ingested, many of the particle nutrients are lost while passing through places like the stomach, intestines and liver. However, the microscopic-size of our nano-cannabinoids bypass these organ barriers by entering directly into the blood stream almost immediately.

Rapid Release

The uptake of Cannabidiol starts to occur almost immediately upon oral administration. With water-soluble technology, we are able to provide higher potency and faster onset of relief in lower doses.

“Less is More” Effect

The “less is more” effect promotes faster access to benefits with complete absorption so you are getting consistent milligram dosing every time.


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