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Road Trip Stick™ Long-Lasting Chew (Calming) bacon flavor May promote calm and relaxation.

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Brand: Heirloom Pet Products

This Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp infused long-lasting dog chew is perfect for pups that have situational anxiety (ie. thunderstorms, fireworks, car trips, vet appointments, house guests, etc…). It is a great single-use entry level product for pet parents who have never tried a product like this.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How are Heirloom Pet Products different?
We do not use Hemp Oil in any of our products, we only use a proprietary Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp! No seeds, no stems.

Our recipes were formulated to work with your your pets’ normal digestive process. Using the right amount of starch and sugars helps your pet to absorb all the natural benefits of our Water Soluble Hemp.

How quickly do Heirloom products start working?
All of our products start to absorb into the blood stream the moment they hit the tongue and start working within 7-8 minutes from the time the product is consumed.
How do your products start working so quickly?
Since our products use Water Soluble Hemp they have 90%+ bioavailability. The bioavailability of Hemp Oil is much lower, at 15%.

Google “bioavailability of water soluble cbd”
“bioavailability of cbd oil”

Definition of Bioavailability – the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.

What about Tinctures and Oil-Based products?
Oil-based Hemp products are certainly not bad products, but they are no match for effectiveness when compared to a Water Soluble product.

  • The oil is the “vehicle” being used to deliver the cannabinoids, but a mammal’s body is not designed to absorb an oil internally.
  • Many of products use Chemicals and Solvents to extract their Hemp from the plant. We do not! We use CO2 extraction, which is the most innovative technology and responsible process.
  • Oils can “wash out” if there is water intake after administering, and can be absorbed by food and processed out as waste.
  • Oils and Tinctures can be difficult to administer.
  • Did you know the instructions for administering hemp to a human say to “place the drops under your tongue, hold them there for 30 seconds before you swallow”? Why would this different for an animal when using the exact same Oil?

Each long-lasting dog chew contains 7mg Broad Spectrum Hemp. Intended for single use.

Give 1 stick up to twice per day, as needed.

Active Ingredient(s):
Broad Spectrum Hemp

Inactive Ingredient(s):
Pea Flour, Pea Starch, Sugar, Glycerin, Chicken Meal, Poultry Fat, Gelatin, Monoglycerides, Powdered Cellulose, Citric Acid (Preservative), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Natural Bacon Flavor, Caramel Color

6 reviews for Road Trip Stick™ Long-Lasting Chew (Calming) bacon flavor May promote calm and relaxation.

  1. David C.

    My pit Cheeseburger loves these roadtrip sticks!!! He is a freak when it comes to thunderstorms or any load noises. My wife had been looking (and trying) to find something natural that would calm this guy but we would never see any results and wasted a ton of money. Your product was affordable and liked that it was water soluble so we gave it a shot. Within minutes Cheese was chillin on my lap and although he was aware of the thunder seemed to go with it. Great product, something that finally works!

  2. Chris

    Aelfwyn aka Elf is a black labrador retriever hunting dog. After a good hunt bringing down deer – I reward her with a Road Trip Stick. She loves them more than deer. I can’t keep enough of them on hand for her. I only wish it took her longer than 5 minutes to get through it. My wife does too.

  3. Kara (verified owner)

    Have not tried this one yet but I hear it is a “must have” for long trips.

  4. Jaime Airey

    We bought these on Amazon and weren’t quite sure how they would work. The results we had on our 4 hour drive to Charleston were amazing! We gave our Stella one of these sticks right as we got in the car and very quicky she was totally relaxed. You have a forever customer, thanks!

  5. Dana

    The 4th of July is a nightmare where I live. I gave each dog one Road Trip Stick mid-day and then another after dinner. The dogs were not nearly as reactive as they have been in the past. They basically inhaled them — which means the flavor and texture was a win too! Now if I could just get them to slow down a little…..

  6. James C. (verified owner)

    Got it for the calming effect. I wish the chew lasted longer. It does calm.

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